Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Project

The photos from this week were:

  • View today

  • words (didn't get that one yet)

  • Hands

  • A Stranger

  • 10 am

  • Dinner

  • Button

  • Sun

Most of my shots were not as focused as I would like. I guess that's why it's called practice. This one I thought turned out best for the theme but it's still not as focused as I wanted.

It has been interesting going through this and thinking that I would have two willing subjects, it turns out that Butterbean runs from the camera and Ladybug tries to stick her eye in the lens! She has shown an interest in taking pictures so I've been trying to help her with that while still protecting the camera!

I am hoping that maybe I can get some editing software (Lightroom) to help with the finished pictures, right now everything is straight out of the camera.

1 comment:

Grandee said...

I like this picture and know the more you practic the better you will be. Can't wait to see more and see how Ladybug comes along with her pictures. You are just going to have to take Butterbean's picture as she is running away.
Love to all kisses to the girls,