Thursday, March 21, 2013

Catching Up

Things have been busy;  first it was the holidays - you know, Thanksgiving and Christmas, then it was New Years and birthday season for our family.  Then work - oh wow have we been busy at work, which is strange for the beginning of the year.  So here I am, back to the blog.  This is going to be a quick recap of everything between Mid November and now.  Warning, it'll be long!

Poppi's birthday was on Thanksgiving and we were all blessed to celebrate with the whole family!  Eight cakes - one for each decade!
 We took the opportunity to get family pictures - a professional photographer would have been wonderful.

 Guess who loves her cousins?

Christmas card outtakes!

I got to go to New York - what a great weekend!  Thanks Sue!

Ladybug singing in church.

Have I mentioned that I love my fridge?  Here it is Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning - notice that the sun is not up!

Happy birthday Butterbean!  We went for a girly farm theme.

Snow, this was it for the season, but we really enjoyed it.

Valentine picture out takes.