Friday, July 16, 2010

More Beach Fun

Please ignore my picture. Ladybug was not afraid of the water at all she would walk in all by herself.

I'm going to guess that these white birds were cranes of some sort. They were all over the beach and very unbothered by humans - even the little ones. Ladybug had fun chasing one and almost caught it before it flew away.

Beach Trip

So we got back from vacation about a month ago, I figured it was time to get some pictures up and things seem to have slowed down enough to be able to do something. (Ha Ha)

Ladybug loved the beach but was ready to come home by Friday. This worked out well for us since she didn't ride well and leaving early enabled us to drive in spurts.

This was on the beach in front of where we stayed (Fort Myers Beach). The water and weather was wonderful!

Ladybug had a lot of fun climbing all over the furniture and spending lots of time with daddy. She has also discovered what a camera is and will start saying cheese when she sees one.

Captiva island was so pretty, we didn't stay very long and didn't find many shells but the water was great.

We stopped in Daytona Beach on the way down to visit our friends Ronnie and Kelly. We usually go down in April so Chris can go fishing but just tacked the fishing trip to the beginning of our vacation. They had a fun day on the water and caught quite a few dolphin fish (mahi mahi). We really enjoyed this fish later in the week.