Ladybug's Words

Funny Conversations -

Aug 2012
Me - Daddy is going on a bear hunt in a few weeks.
Ladybug - I know that's why he's out killing
Me - No, he's out shooting his gun to make sure it's working right
Ladybug - Yeah, and we can't be over there because there's blood and he's killing!

A little while later, on the same topic

Ladybug - Is Daddy going to shoot a bear?
Me - Hopefully baby
Ladybug - Like Mr. Derek?
Me - Yes, he should get the bear back in a few weeks, won't that be neat.
Ladybug - Where is it going?
Me - I think Ms. Heather said in their living room baby
Ladybug - Is it going to be walking around?!
Me - No, it's dead!

September 2012
Background - we took Ladybug to the ENT to have her ear tubs checked since she had been overly vocal about her ear bothering her.  When we got there the Dr. looks in her ears and states that there is a lot of wax build up.  He suggests that we go over to the other room to clean out her ears.  He looks in her left ear and goes 'HMM' and then reaches in to clean out her ear.  Says everything looks good and then lowers Ladybug back down.  He hands me something and asks what it is...

Me - Baby, what is this (looks like a rhinestone)
Ladybug - I don't know
Me - How did it get in your ear?
Ladybug - I don't know
She then hops off the chair walks over to my purse, picks it up and says 'Let's go' while walking out the door!

Under (Thunder)
Bessert (Dessert)
bsagna (lasagna)

Ladybug is speaking in full sentences so I have been unable to keep up with her massive vocabulary.

 Luv you!
 Sussess (nurse)
 Dink (drink)
Cloth (her lovie)
 Oh No
Uh Oh
 Key Key (kitty cat)
nack (snack)
Tink ew (Thank You)
 Helpees (Help Please)
Uck (Stuck)
Essew (Bless you)
All done
ekast (Breakfast)
Diapie (Diaper)
 Sockie (Sock)
No (not one we wanted her to learn)
Ukie (Yucky)
Isses (Kisses)
 Night Night
 Bbry (Blueberry)
 Aim (Amen)
 Bye Bye
Ace (Chase our dog)
 Shos (shoes)
 Appee (Apple)
Dad dee (Daddy)
Momm mee (Mommy)