Thursday, May 20, 2010


This past weekend we took a trip down to South Hill, Virginia for some strawberry picking and boat riding. After convincing Ladybug that there were plenty of strawberries to eat she stopped eating them whole. She didn't want to admit defeat and stop eating either after she was full she would ask for more and just hold the strawberry!

Earlier this week our defiant and genius child wanted to go outside while I was making dinner. It had been raining earlier and I could not go out with her so I told her no (big shocker, I know). Well I turned around and this is what I found:

She decided that she was going without me! We keep the step stool in the kitchen so she can help me cook, she pushed it over to the front door and was opening the door! We just locked the door and took a picture, how can you fuss at her for such great problem solving skills?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


The toys have taken over our living room. Even keeping only 10-15 toys at a time out hasn't kept them from taking over and being all over the floor. It seems that each toy has 20 pieces to it. The toy chest that we have wasn't working because if all the toys made it into the chest Ladybug wouldn't dig through and find one. She would whine and play with one toy (probably because she was tired and bored with playing with the same toy over and over). So the chest has been moved to her bedroom and filled with the stuffed animals that seem to be taking over that room. We got one of the cube organizers with canvas drawers. Not to be left out of the process Ladybug helped Chris put it together.

It works great everything fits and has its own place. As you can see below toys do not belong in the drawers!

Ladybug fits perfectly. Now that she's more used to it she will tell me she has to clean up before we go to bed each night. And she knows where all her toys go!

Concert Update

Chris got me tickets to see Reba and George Strait for my birthday. The whole state was under about a foot of snow the day of the concert so they rescheduled it for Easter weekend so Chris ended up with concert tickets for his birthday too!

Let me just say it was worth the wait! I also have the best husband in the world these tickets were awesome!

The concert was from 7 to midnight and George Strait sang 30 (you read that right) songs! Reba came out for her encore in a Taxi!

Then I unexpectedly got a ticket to see Carrie Underwood, let me say that the radio does her voice an injustice, she has the most amazing voice!

She put on an amazing show (I think she might be the next Reba) and she is not afraid of heights I think she spent as much time towering above the stage as she did on it. She also changed outfits about 20 times.

April was quite a month of excitement.