Thursday, May 20, 2010


This past weekend we took a trip down to South Hill, Virginia for some strawberry picking and boat riding. After convincing Ladybug that there were plenty of strawberries to eat she stopped eating them whole. She didn't want to admit defeat and stop eating either after she was full she would ask for more and just hold the strawberry!

Earlier this week our defiant and genius child wanted to go outside while I was making dinner. It had been raining earlier and I could not go out with her so I told her no (big shocker, I know). Well I turned around and this is what I found:

She decided that she was going without me! We keep the step stool in the kitchen so she can help me cook, she pushed it over to the front door and was opening the door! We just locked the door and took a picture, how can you fuss at her for such great problem solving skills?

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Grandee in PA said...

You just can't be upset with your beautiful child for being so smart, besides she gets all her smarts from her Grandee!!!! Don't you just love the way her mind works. Love to all.