Thursday, October 1, 2009

When Satan Attacks

When satan attacks he does so in a way that affects the things you hold most dear. I'm currently doing a bible study entitled "When Godly People do Ungodly Things" by Beth Moore, its topic is seduction and the spiritual warfare behind it. I went into the study knowing that I would likely be opening myself up to being attacked due to the issues and fears that the study would have me deal with. What I wasn't expecting was it to affect areas that weren't in my past.
One of the most resounding thoughts that I have come across so far is that in order for satan to attack us he must seek God's permission. Now, this is something that I have always believed, that God allows things to happen to us to either teach us something or draw us closer to Him. So in working through this current attack not only am I left to fight the temptation and seduction but to struggle to figure out the purpose behind it. What is it that I'm supposed to learn or how am I supposed to grow from this hardship?
One of the biggest mysteries and excitements in life is trying to figure out God's plan for our life. That is my constant struggle as a 'planner' know that God already has a plan for me to follow, not one that I know the end to and can 'plan' out on a timeline but one that will be revealed to me as I continue to follow and listen to Him. It's a difficult and trying and rewarding path to follow. I often stray from it and begin relying on myself to sustain and 'make it' on my own. I am very quickly humbled and brought back to trusting in His divine knowledge and power. Just call me Peter in my wavering faith!

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