Friday, October 9, 2009


It's not a good word to hear, especially when they're talking about your child, your 13 month old to be exact. That's what we heard though,
She needs tubes
Isn't there something else?
What if we don't get them?
There could be speech development delays and possible antibiotic resistance from continual use
Oh well that's not good either.
So here's some information and the number to schedule the surgery.
Us thinking - umm that's it, that was really quick to decide that our 13 MONTH OLD has to be put to sleep and cut!
Fast forward to yesterday.
This will only take 10 minutes, there aren't any needles involved, she'll take a few deep breaths and go to sleep, the Dr. will do his thing and then she'll wake up. Oh by the way she's not going to be happy when she wakes up. No pain but she won't know what's going on so she's going to be really upset until she takes a nap. Then she'll be fine.
That last part was an understatement, just like when Dr.'s say 'this will only hurt a little'. Yeah right.
She was beyond upset, she screamed the whole way home, didn't open her eyes and was poking at her ears. Some ibuprofen and nursing and off to sleep she went (after a 20 minute ride home). However she was not back to normal when she woke up. She was a grouch the rest of the day! I guess that's to be expected after starving her overnight and then making her feel drunk from the anesthesia.
So she went back to school this morning and seems like everything's fine. She even told me bye before I had closed the car door.

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