Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Whole Bunch of Nothing

There hasn't been anything extremely exciting to write about lately so I'm just going to show off some of Madelynn's cuteness.

Well I guess that's not true, there are two new babies in the midst...Our friends Katy and David welcomed a little girl into the world September 30th; and our friends Chris and Tammy welcomed a little boy on October 8th. Congratulations to both families! We are so excited for you.

Now on to the cuteness!

I think this is how Mommy and Daddy use this thing - I think Mommy calls it a fork.

I think my hands work better. Nothing like a T-Bone for a teether!

I'm not getting into anything! Besides Daddy can't get upset since I'm wearing my Redskins jersey and I'm too cute to get into trouble.

Passed out in the car - like my new car seat that Daddy picked out for me, I sleep like him too!

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