Monday, September 28, 2009

Favorite Things

I thought I would share a little about myself using one of those dreaded chain emails!

20 Of My Favorite Things
1. Color-Blue
2. Dessert-Cookies
3. Smell-Vanilla
4. Flower-Calla Lily but really any flower will do.
5. Animal-Cat
6. Month-May
7. Beverage- Sweet Tea
8. Pair of shoes-none - Bass Sandals
9. Snack-Cheese
10. Song-I don't think I have one absolute favorite.
11. Book-Harry Potter or Dan Brown
12. Fruit-Strawberry
13. Hairstyle-Depends on the day, usually up somehow.
14. Piece of clothing-Jeans
15. Store to clothes shop-Target or J. Crew
16. Season - Fall
17. Hobby-Reading or cooking
18. Thing to collect- Depression glass but I don't have room for any
19. Movie-Dirty Dancing or Steel Magnolias
20. Restaurant-Bonefish Grill

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