Monday, August 27, 2012

Menu Monday

*Make sure you check the girls pages out for updates on Butterbeans new vocabulary and funny conversations with Ladybug.

This is a short work week thanks to the Labor Day Holiday, that also means it will be very busy!  Last week we did pretty well sticking to the menu, although I traded the Salmon for Chicken Pot Pie since Ladybug was headed out of town with her grandparents.  I still haven't been able to make the Steak Fingers - maybe once Chris gets back from the bear hunt.

Here's the plan for the week, this is very subject to change as the girls may be going to Nana's tonight and we may be going to Maamaa and Poppi's on Wednesday!

Monday - Stew and sandwich
Tuesday - Pasta Pesto with Italian Sausage
Wednesday - Buffalo Chicken Quesadillas
Thursday - Leftovers
Friday - ? Maybe Chinese or tater tot casserole
Saturday - We will see what looks good at the farmer's market
Sunday - Grill out - London Broil?

And since it's a holiday on Monday - Hot dogs for the girls!

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