Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Big Girl Room

Chris and I finally got on the ball and converted Ladybug's crib to a full size bed.  She has done really well with the change and to celebrate I took her to pick fabric for it.  I let her pick the colors, orange and pink, and then narrowed down the fabric selection for her to choose.  I found out about a discount fabric store (u-fab) in the are from this awesome and inspiring blog - http://www.younghouselove.com/.  The people there were very friendly and helpful and the fabric was great, I could have spend hours rummaging through the remnants ($2.99!).  Ladybug takes after her mom and immediately picked the most expensive fabric on the rack, we compromised and got a yard of it for a throw pillow.  Here's her (guided) selections:

 That shiny fabric is the 'expensive' stuff.  Here's what it should look like all together:

The idea is to do this for a bed skirt using this fabric.
My plan is to make a duvet for the ugly comforter currently on the bed.  It will have the bird fabric on one side and the zigzag on the other, so we can change it up.  I plan on making the throw pillow as a long rectangular bolster.  I didn't get fabric for shams since I could decide what fabric to use.  It also gives me an excuse to make another trip to u-fab!

Her curtains are currently a solid white fabric so I won't be changing those, the only downside to this project is the mural on her wall.  I don't want to paint over it but it really doesn't go with the new fabric.

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Grandee said...

It's going to look great, can't wait to see your big girl room.
Love to all kisses to the girls