Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Menu Plan Monday-Tuesday

I seem to keep running behind posting our menus each week. I actually create the plan on Monday I just can't seem to get posted on Mondays. We still haven't managed to start South Beach and I think the plan might be to eat everything we have in the house before we start. Not sure how long that will take but it should make for some interesting meal plans!

We stayed on track for the most part last week despite two family hospital emergencies. That's right we had family at the hospital not once but twice last week. Everyone is fine now but we were beginning to think that we were being tested.

Now that things have calmed down some (relatively speaking)I should be back to cooking most every night.

Last week's menu didn't make it up because we were only home two nights for me to cook - lots of meals on the go!

Hopefully this week goes smoothly, here we go!

Monday 3/8
Potstickers, Stir fry veggies

Tuesday 3/9
Drip Beef Sandwiches, green beans, sweet potato fries

Wednesday 3/10
Salmon, Asparagus, butternut squash

Thursday 3/11
Fried Chicken, Potatoes, Broccoli

Friday 3/12
Deer Burgers, Sweet potato fries

Saturday 3/13
Eggs, sausage
Grilled pork chops, Mac and cheese, Mixed Veggies

Sunday 3/14
Open for suggestions!

Madelynn helped me make dinner a few weeks ago. I can tell she's going to show me up in the kitchen before I know it.

Sorry the pictures aren't that great - it's hard to shoot a moving target! And why does it look her hair is red?!

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