Friday, August 28, 2009

Officially a Toddler!

Ladybug made her debut as a toddler last Friday. She just suddenly started walking! It's both exciting and sad that she's not really a baby anymore. I went to pick her up from the sitter's and I'm sitting in floor and I see her coming at me from the corner of my eye but it takes a while to realize that she's upright! She walked all the way from the kitchen to me. We were meeting friends for dinner that night so when Chris got there I ran outside and put her down to walk to Daddy. We're so relived that she did this before Chris left to go out of town otherwise I would have had to hold her all week - no walking without Daddy!
It's been a busy week for us and tiring without Daddy here to help out and play. We're looking forward to him coming home tomorrow.
In other news Ladybug is starting to use/hold a fork or spoon while eating and boy is she eating. Walking is taking a lot of energy.

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