Friday, November 9, 2012


You were my first baby, gone to soon. 
My constant companion through the years, you fell in love with Chris right along with me and even accepted Chase, his dog, as a playmate.  You loved to lay on my belly when I was pregnant with Ladybug -  no matter how much she kicked you off!  You were up with me through midnight feedings and right back to 'tuck me in' bed.  How do we say goodbye to unconditional love and acceptance?  I can still see you running through the kitchen or waiting at the door.  Thank you for your time with me, and us.

Missie - May 2002 to November 8, 2012

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Suzanne said...

Boo hoo....makes me sad all over again. Know so much how you feel. So sorry you have lost a special part of your family.