Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dance Recital

Ladybug's first dance recital was a few weeks ago. We were not too sure how she would do since she was still not wanting to go into class by herself. Turns out she is just like her mom!
Dress rehersal was on Tuesday night and she was excited but a little hesitant to go backstage (she was all ready for her turn right after she watched me dance). My goal for this year was to get her on stage and not crying - she went on stage with out hesitating and although she did not actually dance that night she didn't cry, she also didn't want to come off of stage!
Friday night she was so excited that she let me put curlers in her hair. Here is before,

And after, Ladybug is all girl! She loved the process of getting ready! No stage pictures from Friday night but she did awesome, went on stage and danced, no tears at all (from Ladybug at least).
Saturday night we were really getting the hang of it and Ladybug decided she was going to dance with me (and is still dancing around the house with my hat).

Here she is all ready to go and proud of herself. Looks like we are in for many more years of dance recitals (Chris is so thrilled).

I had forgotten how much work it is on dance recital night but loved every minute of it, many thanks to my mom for doing this for me for so many years (I don't know how many she got me ready before I was doing it myself).

I also forgot how much I love being on stage too! Maybe I can get back into dance in the next few years.

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